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Beautiful smelling perfurmes at a good price and good customer service.



I really love my exotic scent of perfume I use it all the time and it lasts. It’s good on my skin with no irritation. The smell is beautiful and not over powering but I can still smell it. Well done I’ll be coming back for my new one when mine runs out 


A little goes a long way. Really nice fragrance. Unique and smooth!


Afeme Perfumes specialise in luxury fragrance oils that will make your nose sing! We have perfumes that smell similar to popular designer and niche brands on the market at an affordable price.

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The Brand

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Why Afeme Perfumes?

Afeme Perfumes is a UK based company specialising in niche and designer inspired perfume oils.

Our oils are 100% alcohol and cruelty free.

Afeme Perfumes offer impeccable scents for men and women.

We only supply premium grade quality oils that are consistent all day.

Moisturizing and suitable for any skin type.

Come with a stainless steel rollerball.

Afeme Perfumes blend effortlessly into the skin and are safe to apply anywhere on the body.

Can be applied to warm areas like your wrists, inside of your elbow, behind your ears, and the back of your neck.

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Application tips ON THE SKIN

Roll perfume on your inner wrists, behind your earlobes, jawline, hair tips.

Perfume oils get stronger when they get warmer by your skin temperature and your movements.

Application tips ON CLOTHES

Apply the perfume oil into the palm or rather the inner wrist and lightly rub the palms together.

Now gently apply the perfume to your clothes by striking the palms over the fabric. In doing this, you prevent soiling clothes and ensure that the perfume oil spreads evenly over a large part of the clothes.


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